Thinking about Essential Oils?

Ever since becoming a mom I feel like I've seen information about essential oils EVERYWHERE! I've had several people tell me how incredible they are for your family, along with seeing thousands of posts all over social media about their benefits. I'm very into…

July 30, 2017

Why it’s Time to Go Back to that Museum

How we tell a story either immerses our audience or turns them away. The details, energy and flow of a its components is what sparks adventure and ultimately creates lasting connections. If told in the right way a story can be magical, and a…

July 21, 2017
Fashion Lifestyle

Your Vacation Dress is Here!

I'm a little excited these days because my husband and I are planning a vacation for next month, and it'll be the first one in a few years for us! This year in particular has been tough on us so we felt it was…

July 18, 2017

Accepting Yourself Post Baby

During pregnancy I read a lot about giving yourself realistic expectations of your body and your overall self-image after giving birth. That it will take time to adjust, but reading about it doesn't make it easier. There are days when I wonder what happened…

July 14, 2017
Food & Health

A Week with Terra’s Kitchen

You know what every new mom needs (other than a day at the spa)? Food delivered to your door. And when that food allows you to chow down on gourmet-looking dinners every night in 30 minutes or less...well, you can pretty much cue the…

June 11, 2017

Getting Your Skin Summer Ready

It's hard to believe that summer is here already! Bring on those warm nights outside, dips in the pool, watermelon treats, gingham prints and laying barefoot in the grass. Right?! Summer is awesome! However, as a freckled fair-skinned individual I have to prepare myself…

June 2, 2017

Memorial Day Style – Under $100!

Summer is here! It's hard to believe spring is over already, but I'm ready for some beach time. Whenever I step on a beach I just want to bottle up everything - the colors, the smells, the sand... I love it! To get you…

May 26, 2017
Food & Health

Happy Summer Salad

I came across a meal on Pinterest that I decided to try, and like usual I didn't have all the ingredients so I tweaked it a little bit. I found that this was not only incredibly easy to make, but fast, healthy, filling and…

May 16, 2017

Celebrating Motherhood

It feels very surreal to be officially celebrating Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend! Last year my son was just a little bean in my belly, and secretly I kept thinking that I probably wasn’t pregnant at all andΒ insteadΒ just eating a lot. The doctor clearly…

May 12, 2017

Spring Colors

Happy Friday everyone! Who's excited about this gorgeous spring weather? Without a doubt this is my favorite time of year. I love watching everything bloom and come alive after such a seemingly long winter. There's a rainbow of color everywhere you look, which inspired…

April 28, 2017