Baby Update: Life With My 3 Month Old

December 11, 2016

For the past few weeks (weeks!) I’ve been trying to get together a budget-friendly holiday fashion post, which I’m very excited about! I also wanted to share some great stocking stuffer ideas I’ve come across, but unfortunately my time to work on these has been very limited. My little three month old baby (which turned three months today btw!), does NOT nap during the day. If I get one two hour nap I’m in heaven! Most of the time I just get 15-20 minutes, which gives me just enough time to grab some food and maybe run a brush through my hair. Luckily he sleeps very well at night – about 6.5 – 8 straight hours, which is incredible for someone his age! The no napping thing is tough though and by the end of the day I’m completely wiped. I’m also working remotely part-time for a local business so I’m juggling that along with entertaining/feeding Thomas and giving my pup lots of love as well. The struggle is real, but I wouldn’t change any part of it. Through it all, I loooove being a mom!

Personally, I’ve noticed that my mindset about life is still changing. Going from the corporate world to mom world was a tough transition, but now I can’t get enough of it. Thomas is at that age where he’s responding to you and having conversations with you (even if they are just lots of baby babble!). He smiles when I smile, he laughs when I do crazy voices, he gets excited when he sees Buddy and ultimately seems to be growing up way too fast. The tough part of it these days is all the hormones wreaking havoc. Unfortunately my pregnancy skin is long gone, and I’m now struggling with hormonal breakouts on my chin from breastfeeding. My hair is also falling out a lot, and I’m desperate for that lush pregnancy hair I used to have. I’m also very emotional. I pretty much cry every time I see another baby because I think they’re all so beautiful. I also get emotional when Thomas looks at me and smiles. His whole face lights up and just stares at me like I’m the best thing ever. When you have crazy hair sticking out from various 2 minutes naps, stained pj’s that you’ve worn for the past few days and you’re running on empty, it doesn’t get any sweeter when your baby smiles at you like you’re an angel!


As for Thomas, he is reaching a lot of baby milestones and developing such a sweet, happy personality. He’s rolling over a lot and can’t get enough of walking around (with the help of mom & dad of course!). I think he might be skipping the crawling stage and push through right to walking. He’s grabbing and holding his toys, loves Dr. Seuss and is starting to look at us when we call his name. His struggle is the teething, which started just recently for him. He’s drooling and trying to eat his entire fist whenever he gets the chance. He’s not interested in teething toys, which is fine by me since he seems to be soothing himself with his hands. He also gets shy in public, which is completely understandable. I’m the same way so I’m sure he gets that from his momma! Overall, he’s doing so well with everything we’re throwing at him, and I’m so proud. So proud. 😊


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the fur baby in the house! Buddy turns 2 this week and we’re planning a really fun day for him. He gets a little sad about not getting all the attention these days but still comes running when Thomas cries and tries his best to make friends with the new member of the pack. He’s adjusted really well to a lot of changes and still manages to be his crazy, doodle self! I’m looking forward to the day he can play with Thomas and be best buds!


Overall, things in our house are still crazy, but we’re having lots of fun with it!  My advice for anyone going through this time is to just be present because these days will fly by before you know it!


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  • Reply Annie January 10, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Kelly, again I love reading your blog. You are a great writer. Good luck with your at home job. Good for you.
    Thomas is growing quickly. Enjoy all the precious time with him. See you at Mom’s Birthday tomorrow.
    Love, Grandma

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