Our Baby Shower

August 15, 2016

I’m really close with the Italian side of my family and have proudly learned and adopted many of their traditions, such as centering life on your family, cherishing recipes that have been passed down through generations, and of course having a house so clean that the Pope himself could eat off the floor. One tradition I wasn’t aware of before becoming pregnant though was that in Italian culture babies aren’t showered until after they arrive. After a healthy baby is born is when gifts are given and the nursery is set up. Although I take tradition very seriously, my family also knows how important it is for me to feel prepared (I can get overwhelmed pretty quickly!). So I felt extremely honored when my parents┬áput aside tradition to throw my husband and I a shower to help welcome our baby boy this past weekend!

The shower was beautiful, incredibly special and filled us with so much love and joy. It was a nautical theme, which is beyond perfect for us, and I can’t thank my family enough for the time and effort they put into celebrate our boy! The shower was an amazing afternoon spent with loved ones, and I shared some of our favorite photos below of this great day – enjoy!







(me and my beautiful mom!)


(love these gorgeous gals! My aunt and cousins!)







One Italian tradition we will be keeping for our baby is announcing his name when he’s born. We finally decided on one and can’t wait to share! Stay tuned!

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