Thomas John Cox

September 19, 2016

He’s here! On September 12, 2016 at 10:30pm we got to introduce Thomas John Cox to the world. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, weighs 7 pounds and is the best gift we could have ever asked for! The first week with this little one was a blur of changing diapers, late night feedings, burping sessions and early morning starts. Although we’ve gotten very little sleep, it’s still been an incredible week. It’s safe to say we’ve fallen in love with this sweet baby and are ecstatic to officially be parents to him!

If you’re interested in the birth story I put it below, and I’m hoping to put together some articles in the next few weeks that will help out other new moms out there! Also once my schedule starts to go back to normal I’ll start posting more fashion, food and beauty content as well. I picked out some fun pieces for fall that I’m excited to show you, along with easy new beauty and skincare for the upcoming season. Stay tuned!


Thomas’s Birth Story

My husband and I had spent the weekend cleaning and finishing up last minute to-do’s for baby. As soon as we had finished, ate dinner and took showers my water broke. I think Thomas knows how much of a neat freak I am and waited until I had finished everything to come! After speaking with a nurse and packing our bags we headed to the hospital. It was a slow start and I spent all night getting very light contractions. They eventually stopped completely and after 8 hours I was no further dilated than I was before coming in.

It was a frustrating start and I spent almost the entire next day on pitocin and getting nowhere. Eventually though everything kicked in and very, very quickly. Once stronger contractions started it wasn’t long until I was in a lot of pain. They certainly call it labor for a reason and every strong contraction had felt like I had ran a marathon. I made it to 5cm dilated until I felt like I couldn’t make it any further without some relief. I received an epidural but it had come so late that I almost made it through the entire experience without it. I’m glad I made the decision to receive one though because taking away the stress of the contractions made Thomas come a lot faster.

Within an hour of receiving the epidural I was ready to push and he was out only 45 minutes later. That first moment of seeing him, holding his hand and watching his eyes take me in was a moment I’ll never, ever forget. He also started breastfeeding immediately, which is astounding to me that he knew exactly what to do. Getting to know him throughout my pregnancy was an incredible experience but having him here to hold, kiss and snuggle is something so much more.

Throughout the delivery I had my mom and my husband by my side, which made a big difference in getting me through it all. I’ll always remember looking up at my husband, holding his hand and having the doctor tell me it was ready to push and having them both tell me to keep breathing through contractions when I wanted to give up. I also was lucky to have really amazing nurses throughout the labor and they were great at making sure I was not only as comfortable as possible, but that I had the strength to get through it all.

Now my husband and I get to officially call ourselves mom and dad and begin the journey of parenthood. My husband has been the best husband, dad, and coach I could have ever asked for – not sure how I am lucky enough to have him. Seeing him take care of Thomas makes my heart sing. He’s been changing diapers, helping me nurse, handling all the household duties, playing with Thomas so I can get ready and of doing it all while still working full-time. Also, our little pup Buddy has been a champ at welcoming Thomas to the household and was also the best companion throughout my pregnancy. He’s one amazing big brother, and I’m really proud of him for adjusting so well! My boys bring me so much joy, and I’m looking forward to this next step in our journey together. First thing on the agenda for all of us though? Sleep!

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  • Reply Lorraine September 19, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    I’m really proud of both you and John. Labor and delivery is tough but being a parent is even harder! I have no doubt though that you are both up to the challenge. Thomas John is beautiful and I can’t wait to watch him grow!

    • Reply September 20, 2016 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you mom! Parenting is definitely rough! Although he’s worth the pain – most of the time 🙂 lol Excited to watch this little guy grow too!

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