New Year, New Resolutions

January 6, 2017

Resolutions for the year are not normally something I think to do around this time. Instead I enjoy setting small goals throughout the year as the crazy road of life twists and turns, then look back and reflect on what I accomplished. This year, however, I felt it was necessary to plan ahead to help with my new responsibilities as a mom. The stress of this life change certainly takes its toll, which is why 2017 for me will be the year of a healthy body, mind & soul through yoga.

I’ve done yoga a lot throughout the last few years and instantly feel refreshed afterwards. I used to do sun salutations each morning, and practiced several poses throughout pregnancy to help relieve tension. Since Thomas arrived though I’ve found myself putting yoga (and exercise in general) on the back burner. Way, way on the back burner. Feeding, changing, playing and soothing this little baby takes center stage in between playing with our pup, keeping up with the laundry, cleaning the house and preparing meals for the family. All of this has thoroughly exhausted my back, arms, legs, shoulders and overall mind health.

Now that Thomas and I have a good routine going, and I feel ready to get back in the exercise game, I’ve decided that yoga will not only help relieve the tensions in my muscles but help me unwind from the day so I can be a better wife, mother & friend. If you’re new to yoga, I urge you to try some beginner poses which are easy enough that anyone can do them but still get a lot of benefit from them. It invigorates your body, helps release toxins and allows you the opportunity to shut off your mind to all the external stresses and reflect on what’s important in life. As with all exercise it’s also a great emotional boost as well, which helps makes the day a little brighter and easier to get through.

Another reason I enjoy yoga is it’s something I can do pretty much any time during the day. If I want to do a few poses during lunchtime to help destress I can. If I need to stretch my back before bedtime I can. It doesn’t always have to be a full session where you drop everything for an hour or so to practice it. Yoga can be exercise along with a way of healing yourself, which is perfect for this new mom who is struggling to get back in shape and release the weight of motherhood for a little so she can come back to it fully charged.

Yoga can benefit anyone at any time, and if you’re looking for a new exercise routine to add into your life, I suggest you try yoga. Practicing it on a consistent basis will not only get your body looking toned, but can lower blood pressure, help you sleep better, slow the aging process, strengthen the immune system, recharge your batteries and so much more. This is why I’ll be including yoga in my 2017 goals! Try these online courses to search for a class that could suit you: Do Yoga With Me

You can also go to a yoga studio nearby, which most likely will be offering discounts for the year. They know people will be including exercise in their 2017 resolutions so they’ll be advertising with some discounts – jump on it! I’m heading to a yoga studio tomorrow for my first class of the year! I’m excited to start getting my whole life into better shape.



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    Great advice and I love your workout buddy!

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      Haha thank you!

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